DJ Danaja aka Tjuš Aljančic was born in Chinese year of rooster. Music is around him all his life, as he was raised in predominantly musical family, where they sang allot. After visiting a Pink Floyd concert at the age of 13, he exchange a succefull sport carrer for his first steps in music. In high school he started to play classical guitar and in the shadow alter rock band SkunkMessiah was founded where he sang and played guitar. Three years later he continued his journey in band Mamuts, which was eclectic mixture of different genres mostly funk, rock and jazz. Both band played mostly his author music.

In year 99 he accidentally ran into some music by his good friend, which raised his interest in HipHip and electronic culture in general. He started to groove at different events, and soon he was fairly addicted to music with broken beats, especially drum and bass. He describes this style as most energetic, deep and warm at the same time. In 2000 he met with his almost neighbor Lunic, with which a close friendship and participation started.

In 2001 he started to play as Dj Danaja. He prefers deep liquid sound. From time to time he participates in special turntable projects mainly
with his friends Dj Borka and Dj Bakto from slovenian Code.Ep crew. In this cooperation cult mix Freestyle puzzle was also made. His musical background also gave him interest in combine djing with live musicians so he made various public jam sessions with other jazz musician known as Jamdance.

His production path started some time ago, but learning state was long since he wanted to reach certain level of quality. His first public release was in 2008 on compilation Urban Madness with track Revenge of the Instruments pt.2 which was very well received among listeners. In 2009 he was selected as one of the artist on unique Slovenian urban compilation Format. Now he is working on his first Drumwise release….