Lunic was raised with sounds of 60′ folk music and through that started playing guitar when he was 15. In early year of 1995 he was introduced with electronic music and melodical sounds of Rave (as it was called in Slovenia at that times) enraptured him so much that he intensely started to absorb every aspect of electronic culture. When he first stepped behind turntables year after, needles were vibrating mostly on Acid sounds, which were replaced by newly nascent ‘minimal’ techno sound. With mixture of both he played his first set in club in Ljubljana. In months of strictly techno driving sets he played on many different club and more massive events. But still in this phase there were some jungle gems found in his bag and waiting for the change to happen. And after some jungle parties in Germany, since breakbeat scene didn’t existed in Slovenia at that time, his heart started to beat 170+ and his techno career was over.

In 1998-99 jungle/dnb parties were very rear in this parts, so he started monthly parties in some local club in the north, where he invited every Dj from Slovenia. In 2001 he become one of the djs in group called Monkibo, and year after confounded group DrumWise in which he feels good ever since. With DrumWise crew and earlier he produced more than 100 parties with many a-list djs on different locations mainly in Ljubljana. Last few year he also tries to promote breakz/nujazz music, but night is still young for him. Musically his sets are sometimes very hard and sometimes very liquid but in both cases you can still feel hardness, driving and floating atmospheres at same time.