Noisia @ SubSub

03/04/2009 @ Klub SubSub

Noisia @ SubSub

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[Vision, Subtitles, RAM; NL)



Noisia met through the small graffiti community in the school they all attended, with Nik and Thijs making friends in 1998 and soon beginning to make music together. Soon after their first encounter with drum and bass, they started making drum and bass music themselves, and it gradually evolved into a serious obsession with the style.

After a few fruitful collaborations with Martijn, who had been involved in music (hip hop production/classical piano) for quite a while before he hooked up with Nik and Thijs, Martijn was added to the Noisia team.

After a while the Internet was discovered as a great way to acquire musical knowledge and to get feedback on productions. Also, the first Noisia tune that received interest from a real label (Mayhem’s Shadow Law Recordings) was found on a production message board, this interest was a big motivation to improve the sound of Noisia’s productions. An investment in studio-equipment and a dedication to sound design, mixdown and arrangement got things moving, and February 2003 saw the birth of the recording that was going to be the first released NOISIA tune; “Tomahawk” by Noisia & Mayhem on Paul Reset’s Nerve Recordings imprint. The flip of that was Silicon, which was written in the hangover-days after Mayhem’s short but productive stay. Silicon/tomahawk was released in August 2003, and after that things gradually started rolling.

Noisia have released music on all major Drum & Bass labels such as Teebee’s Subtitles, Rob Playford’s Moving Shadow, Ram Records, Virus Recordings and Renegade Hardware. They have also collaborated with well-known drum and bass artists Cause 4 Concern, Teebee, Phace, Black Sun Empire and Bad Company UK. They have remixed Konflict’s Messiah, Pendulum and The Freestylers’ Painkiller and have been remixed by artists like Teebee and Matrix.

The Dutch collective has also received extensive airplay on BBC Radio 1, a notable example being their House/Breaks track Gutterpunk (released on Passenger Records).

Eventually Robbie Williams showed interest in working with Noisia, asking them to remix his cover of Manu Chao’s Bongo Bong and Je Ne T’Aime Plus, which they turned into a hard-hitting House track soon to be released on the major record label EMI. A breakbeat remix of Moby’s ‘Alice’ has also been released to critical acclaim and to a good reception from Moby himself – “We’ve had some really good remixes done for ‘Alice’ one of my favourites is the drum and bass remix done by Noisia.”

Early 2007 saw the release of Tasha Baxter’s Colour of Me, an album entirely produced by Noisia. They met Baxter and bandmate Andre Scheepers on the internet, and after conjoined efforts on the first demo’s, the two-member band was signed to EMI South Africa. It took more than a year to complete the project, the end product being a pop flavoured album carrying many different musical influences, like Reggae, Drum & Bass, or regular Pop.

Noisia own two record labels: Vision Recordings is intended for their Drum & Bass work, including collaborations with other producers in the genre, such as Teebee, Mayhem, or MC Verse. The first release on this label contained the popular track The Tide, which instantly gave the label a sturdy foothold in the scene. The fourth release was a collaboration with Mayhem featuring hip-hop legend KRS-One, entitled Exodus. Vision’s sister label Division Recordings is an outlet for their output in other genres. The first release featured the Electro/House tune Yellow Brick and the Breaks/House/Electro tune Raar.

Noisia have also written music for short films as well as various videogames, including Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition and Wipeout Pulse. They also produced “The Tide”, which was featured on Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2.

They are currently working on their first artist album, and are also collaborating with Ninja Tune artist Amon Tobin.

In June 2008 they released a mix CD on the FabricLive label that includes many of their own tracks. The mix spans several genres and tempos.[1]

Noisia recently completed a remix of ‘Omen’ for The Prodigy to accompany its release in February 2009.


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