Born in Belgrade. Got involved in music during mid 90′s via hiphop as a starting point and first love. Through hiphop, a whole new horizon opened and jazz/soul/funk/reggae/disco were destinations to visit. After going back to the roots, logically he found chicago/soulful/deep/acid house,breakbeat, brokenbeat, nujazz and drum’n’bass as very familiar sounds.Especially the last one. Going through whole journey was much easier with radio station and from 2000. started, during that period only hiphop radio show in Belgrade, Soundbombing radio show which after one year moved to legendary underground pirate radio station SKC FM and continued as a duo with Timbe of Bad Copy.

In that time, he started getting into production and mixing/Djing thing so after a while, got residenture in one of the finest Belgrade lounge cocktail bars, followed by another venture with radio Venus FM where he got his 2 hour slot called “Freestyle Sessions” (with guests like DJ Marky, MC Stamina, Drumagick, Patife, TM Juke, Seiji,etc.) presenting wide spectre of music genres covering almost everything mentioned above. Also, he took part in team that created radio programme. Beside all Belgrade’s bigger clubs, EXIT Festival 2007. and 2008., REFRACT04, bigger cities in Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia he played alongside DJ Marky & MC Stamina, DJ Patife, LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad, Bryan Gee, Danny Byrd, Big Bud, Adam F, Makoto & Deeizm, Kabuki & Jenna G, Utah Jazz, Craggz & Parallel Forces, A.I., Benny Page, Bungle, EZ Rollers & MC Messy, Submorphics, Killa Kela & Spitkingdom Crew, 4Hero, DJ Vadim, TM Juke, Buschemi, and also found time to get production on another level and tunes got excellent feedback and played by names like LTJ Bukem, Big Bud, Fabio, Makoto, Nookie, Crissy Criss, Drumagick, PFM, Submorphics, Jay Rome and supported on BBC Radio1, 1Xtra, Bassdrive…